78% men compared to only 22% women, fumes Dr Nicole Assélé –

Speaking in her capacity as president of the feminist movement ”Appel des mille et une”, Dr Nicole Assélé challenges the organizers of the inclusive national dialogue on ”the arrogant over-representation of men”, according to her own words, at the Angondjé conference, the work of which in committees and sub-committees actually began last Monday.

With magnifying glass in hand and pointer in hand, the early feminist activist and leader reveals for illustrative purposes that there are 502 men in the current discussions in Angondjé compared to only 144 women. With consistency in the process, she noted that in the participation quotas allocated to the 52 special municipal delegations, there are 52 men for 2 women. And of the 48 representatives of special departmental delegations, there are 45 men compared to only 3 women.

Even at the level of elders, the female gender would not be wise enough in Gabon, in the eyes of the organizers for having only pardoned 3 of them across the entire territory, compared to 15 elders among the 18 elders and dignitaries called to dialogue, informs the president of the Appeal of the Thousand and One.

“I would like to express here all my indignation and express all my disapproval of this situation which constitutes a real setback, while Gabon has always been cited as an example in terms of promoting gender issues”asserted this tireless defender of the noble cause of women’s rights who readily recalls that “ men will never defend women’s causes better than themselves ”, she thinks she knows.

Particularly bitter, Nicole Assélé also notes to deplore the fact that the feminist movement L’Appel des mille et une, one of the most historic and emblematic associations for the defense of women’s rights, has been royally ignored by the organizers of the national dialogue. inclusive.

Truth-Reconciliation-Justice-Forgiveness-Reparation Commission

Transitional justice would, from the point of view of Nicole Assélé, this time donning the hat of a member of one of the allied families of the Bongo Ondimba, would be included among the essential questions of the day, in view she says “of the witchcraft trial against the Bongo Ondimba family, allied clans and families, made confusedly guilty of all the words and evils that overwhelm Gabon”she regrets.

“The Bongo Ondimba and allied families did not lead and manage this country alone, from 1967 to August 30, 2023. Other actors, other families coming from all the provinces of the country were associated with the management of Gabon, including the lesson-givers and the right-thinking heads, today clumsily draped in a cloak of virginity and innocence”specifies Nicole Assélé.

She therefore calls for the establishment, without delay, of a “ commission truth-reconciliation-justice-forgiveness and reparation so that all light is shed on the blood crimes, the economic and financial crimes that we all deplore; so that everyone, individually or collectively, assumes their share of responsibility for the errors of the past”she suggests.

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2024-04-09 12:57:35
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