$ 8.7 million more for tourism

The discounts offered by the state on the purchase of a package of tourist activities were so popular this summer that the government will extend nearly $ 9 million more so that Quebecers can continue to enjoy them for longer. However, packages with overnight stays have aroused little enthusiasm so far.

Since the program was launched on June 21, 120,000 “Attraction” passports have found buyers. Created to encourage Quebecers to discover the tourist attractions of the various regions of Quebec, these passports allow savings of 20 to 40% on the normal price depending on the number of activities chosen.

It only took three months for the $ 5 million envelope set aside for this initiative to be exhausted.

“It worked extremely well,” summarized in an interview the Minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx, who will inject an additional $ 8.7 million into this program, to maintain the incentives and stimulate fall and winter tourism in time. pandemic.

The Minister does not hide her pride in the success obtained with most of the measures announced during the deconfinement for the revival of the tourism industry.

In just three days, all of the 143,000 annual 50% off Sépaq national park access cards were sold.

There was less enthusiasm for the “Explore Québec on the road” packages, which include at least two nights and two tourist activities in the same region. About 94% of the $ 10 million allocated to this component is still available. As of September 3, an amount of only $ 560,000 had been rebated on a total of 3,700 packages sold.

“We are not surprised”, commented on this subject the Minister of Tourism. “We like the package deal to go to the South, but it’s teaching Quebecers to buy packages for here at home, in Quebec”.

“It’s normal that it is a little slower, we are creating new habits”, added Mme Proulx, recalling that the money remains available until the end of next spring.

“In Quebec, in general, we are not in a logic of packages”, has also analyzed the holder of the Research Chair in Tourism at Laval University, Laurent Bourdeau.

“I am not surprised that the money was not spent. […] Were these packages necessary? I don’t think so, ”said the professor, in an interview with The newspaper. According to him, it would have been preferable to pay this sum to companies, such as hoteliers, who could have reduced their prices accordingly and thus improve their occupancy rates.

All in all, approximately 260,000 Quebecers took advantage of the three measures implemented last June, which generated tourism spinoffs of $ 53 million, argued the Minister.

Announced June 21, 2020

Planned investments: 20 millions $

Grants awarded to date: 10,56 millions $

Tourism expenditure generated to date: 53,3 millions $

More than 266 000 Quebecers have taken advantage of one or other of the following three measures:

1. Annual Sépaq network card, Bonjour Québec special edition

Envelope 5 millions $ (sold out in three days)

Discount of 50 % on the annual Québec National Parks card

One free night camping

A total of 143 000 cards sold in less than 3 days

74 % of holders were making their first annual Sépaq card purchase

Estimated tourism expenditure associated with this measure: 21,3 millions $

2. Passport Attractions

$ 5 million envelope (exhausted in 11 weeks)

An additional sum of 8,7 millions $ will be reinjected by the government

Discount of 20 % on the purchase of a passport for two attractions, 30 % for three attractions and 40 % for four attractions

More than 120 000 passports sold o Estimated tourism spending associated with this measure: $ 28.8 million

3. Explore Quebec on the road

Envelope 10 millions $

Only 560 000 $ spent on discounts

Discounts for consumers of 25 % on the sale price of packages to the regions of Quebec offered by travel agencies, tour operators and incoming agencies.

Minimum of two nights and two key attractions in the region

3706 packages sold (total number of travelers)

Most popular regions: Charlevoix (958 overnight stays), Gaspésie (812 overnight stays), Îles-de-la-Madeleine (612 nights)

Estimate of tourism expenditure generated by the measure: 3,2 M$


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