8 arm exercises, recommended by experts, to do at home

The gym has all the equipment you need to do arm, leg, back and abdomen exercises, but that doesn’t mean that is the only place where you can mark your muscles, and not having access to one is not an excuse for not try it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Chris Hemsworth and The Rock They have spent years sharing their most intense routines on social networks and what many of them have in common (in addition to giving them the best results) is that, on more than one occasion, they all perform them in their hotel rooms, in the garden or even in the living room, and fitness experts do the same.

When it comes to staying healthy and reaching your goals, anything goes, what you should not do is believe that you can only train in the gym and that not being able to go or not having time means that you can take a day off. The key is to be consistent and dedicated, and keep creative to keep pushing your limits and keep making profits.

Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X (the same ones who developed the Baby Shark program to have a marked six pack), created a training guide at home so you can follow if you do not want to pay for a gym and there he also shared a video in which he shows the best arm exercises that you should be doing if you want to mark them.

Exercises for Biceps:

Chinup with weight

To do this exercise, you simply need a heavy backpack, fill it with enough items to get a challenging weight that allows you to complete 3 sets.

“The supinated grip under the hand is going to work the biceps very well,” says Cavaliere, and recommends that you add enough weight to “put it in that range of 6 to 8 reps before failing.” This depends on your condition progress level.

Biceps Chinup

This should recreate the movement of a bicep curl and recommends that you work to fatigue rather than having a number of reps, this is to train as hard as you can. For beginners it is recommended to start doing sit-ups, placing a bar on two tables or chairs and doing the movement with the lower half of your body on the floor.

Curl Waiter

This movement creates a lot of tension in your biceps by minimizing the activation of the wrists and forearms, which happens with other movements. It is important that you keep your hands open and palms up.

Curl Lip Buster to Chin Hangs Negatives

Cavaliere recommends that you use your dogs’ leashes, tied to a weighted backpack, to create your own device for different exercises. This movement combines shoulder curls to make the biceps work harder. After 12 to 20 repetitions, drop the wires and jump onto the bar to do the chin hang, trying to hold the position as long as possible.

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Triceps exercises:

Vertical dip

“Bend your knees, press your hands out, push down and out on the chairs so they don’t go anywhere, and you can do your jumps like that,” says Cavaliere. “The more upright you stay, the further you focus away from your chest and further into the triceps.” The only equipment you need are two chairs.

Triceps pushdowns

“We can recreate the force curve we would have in a cable machine,” says Cavaliere, recommending 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions, using the cable apparatus you made with the straps and backpack.

Triceps pushaways

Using the same string apparatus, “Triceps thrust gives us a unique advantage in getting a single stretch on the long head of the triceps,” says Cavaliere. “All I have to do is let my elbows move up to it. Every time they get up, you stretch more.”

Triceps Pushup Trio

“Advanced people will stay alert for the duration of this trio and beginners will be able to spread out,” says Cavaliere, adding, “It’s like an isolated tricep push, except this time with your own body weight.”

The move starts with a pancake pushup then you move onto a modified pushup griddle and end with diamond pushups, “This is the easiest version, but after doing those other two steps it gets pretty tough,” says Cavaliere.

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