8 billion for the president of the Circle, 1 billion for Coucke, 35 million for Venanzi: this is who our football clubs belong to and the amount of their fortune

For Raffaele Poli, without foreign investment funds, Belgium would be even more of a minor championship.

If many Belgian clubs are partially or totally owned by foreign funds, can we expect that they will receive substantial investments in the years to come?

“Belgium could interest this kind of fund, but only with a view to being partner clubs, says Raffaele Poli, head of the CIES Football Observatory. We see that there have been investments from foreign owners from Monaco, Manchester City and Leicester for example. Belgium is considered a ‘springboard’ championship with the aim of loaning promising young people with a view to repatriating them or transferring them with added value.. However, one cannot imagine huge investments. The size of the country is critical and, while the passion is important, the clubs are content to participate and inflate the speculative market in place. “


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