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As a result of the pandemic, 70% of Latin Americans say that they or someone in their family has delayed or canceled their health care services due to COVID-191. According to a recent survey by Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices in Latin America, conducted by Ipsos, Colombia registers a worrying figure: 77% of the people surveyed admit to having postponed their health in a pandemic.

Experts warn that this could negatively affect the health of patients in the long term, and in light of this scenario, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices presents the awareness campaign “My Health Can’t Wait”.

The “My Health Can’t Wait” campaign aims for patients to obtain the necessary information that allows them to access health care with confidence.

According to the survey, the majority of Colombians stated that their health remained the same (64%), while 26% reported that it worsened in this health context. In this sense, the main concern faced in the country when it comes to resuming care is being exposed to COVID-19 during surgery or medical procedure (65%), or during the postoperative period (52%).

Relevant data from the survey in Colombia

– 26% of Colombians acknowledge that their health has worsened since the start of the pandemic.

– 77% delayed or canceled health care services.

Cardiac check-ups or any symptomatic heart condition have been suspended or canceled in 11%, orthopedic surgeries in 9% and other optional treatments / surgeries in 28%.

– The greatest concern for a possible optional surgery or medical procedure is exposure to COVID-19 either during (65%) or after the procedure (52%).

– 56% of those surveyed stated that they would feel safer to perform a surgery or medical procedure if the hospital or health center had a coronavirus-free area. While 45%, when the vaccine for COVID-19 is available in Colombia.

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– The way to regain the trust of patients lies in the trust generated by the doctor and the impact of direct communication with the patient: 58% of Colombians consider scheduling a procedure more likely, if they maintain contact with the doctor or health center.

– 70% of Colombians claimed to have used a telemedicine service either for themselves or for a member of their family, placing Colombia in the country where this modality was most used, compared to 37% of those Latin Americans who used telemedicine.

– 58% would use telemedicine services to avoid having to sit in a waiting room with other possibly affected people, while 49% to avoid having to come to medical appointments in person.

– At the time of resuming a procedure or surgery for patients, it is relevant to receive information about the specific protocols that the health center has adopted for COVID-19 (71%), information about structural changes in the health center (58%) ; and information on the risks related to COVID-19 in its specific procedure (50%).

– 73% prioritize preventive medical care over sick care (71%) and optional surgery or medical procedure (41%).

“My Health Can’t Wait” is presented as an education platform for patients and health professionals, which functions in a comprehensive manner as a resource center designed to inspire people to prioritize their health and communicate with professionals and, thus, resume deferred medical care during the pandemic. It also provides patients with key information and resources to effectively communicate with their physician about how and when to prioritize necessary medical care, including:

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