8 signs in a woman’s hair that reflect her health

The shape and strength of hair reflects many facts about a woman’s health status, such as vitamin deficiencies, a defective immune system, and more.

The beauty and luster of hair does not only reflect the elegance and beauty of women, but also reflects a lot about the health status of women in terms of vital organs, glands, vitamins ratios, and other important health issues.

In the following, we review the most important things that the appearance of hair reflects on the organic health of women:

1- Damaged hair

In addition to the bad external appearance, the suffering of women with damaged hair does not depend on elegance, but extends to include the health level, because hair loss of vitality and exposure to damage is evidence of a lack of nutrients and the body’s need for selenium, sulfur and phosphorous elements.

2- The crust

Although dandruff is not a serious health problem as a medical phenomenon that affects the scalp for many reasons, this does not apply to yellow dandruff, which is a clear sign of the possibility of many disease symptoms such as digestive problems, immune deficiency or infections Skin, especially for people with oily skin.

3- Thin hair

Having thin or brittle hair is evidence of health signs of various degrees and danger, as it is caused by a lack of proteins and nutrients that reach the hair follicles, and also causes insomnia and high blood pressure, in addition to the feeling of chronic back pain due to the loss of hair to its thickness.

4- Focal hair loss

One of the symptoms that affects a woman’s hair makes the tufts fall from their roots when pulled and in large numbers exceeding 5 tufts or perhaps more than that, and it is always advised to obtain medical advice when losing hair tufts in large quantities, as it is evidence of suffering from problems in the endocrine glands, immune system or Until the onset of symptoms of diabetes.

5- Hair oil

Oily scalp secretions are a normal behavior for people with oily skin, and it is not dangerous if secretions decrease when reducing or staying away from eating fatty foods, caffeine and sweets, in addition to using other medical treatments.

In the event that preventive measures to reduce the oily secretions of the scalp do not have a positive effect, medical care should be sought, because the excessive oily secretions of the scalp may indicate problems in the metabolism process, hormonal imbalance or liver problems.

6- Premature graying

The appearance of white hair or the phenomenon of early graying is mainly related to the genetic predisposition of every human being, as it is not related to a specific age, but the onset of white hair in the head for non-genetic reasons is a strong reflection of the person’s suffering from stress, fatigue and poor diet.

7- Itchy scalp

If the itchy head is accompanied by blisters, peeling and irritation of the skin of the head, these are signs that the woman needs urgent intervention from a dermatologist, but suffering from persistent itching of the scalp that is not accompanied by the above symptoms may be a sign of a nervous system disorder due to stress and stress.

8- Dry hair and split ends

Famous signs shared by women who frequently use a hair dryer and use chemical products harmful to hair, in addition to women who follow an unhealthy diet, but dry hair and split ends may be a reflection of health damage related to the body’s need for vitamins and protein or suffering from an endocrine imbalance.


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