8-year-old boy will receive more than 700 thousand pesos for playing Fortnite

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 06.03.2021 09:06:58

The idea that video game it’s just fun for kids, it’s a thing of the past.

To show the case of Joseph Deen, a eight-year-old boy who has signed a contract of more than 700 thousand pesos for playing Fortnite.

Deen has become the youngest Fornite player with a valuable deal; In addition, he received a equipment to play valued at five thousand dollars (100 thousand pesos).

The mother of the little one who uses the nick ‘Gosu 33’, told the BBC that his son he has been playing since he was four years old, with an average of three hours a day.

Joseph can only participate in tournaments that do not have cash prizes, as he must be 13 years or older to do so.


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