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80’s Horror The Voodoo Curse also appears as standard in the Keep Case

by archyde

UPDATE: Parallel to the Mediabook edition, “The Voodoo Curse” will also be released in a standard edition in a keep case on October 28, 2022. Both editions can be pre-ordered in stores.

On October 28, 2022 – and thus just in time for Halloween – White Pearl Classics will release the 1987 horror film directed by Richard Friedman “The Voodoo Curse” for the first time on Blu-ray. The HD release is based on a brand new 2K master created from the original camera negative. In the first edition, “The Voodoo Curse” is presented in a limited Mediabook edition be launched, which comes with a 16-page booklet. The extras include an audio commentary by the director and producer, a making of (34 min.) and an interview with composer Billy Barber. The limitation is 1,200 pieces.

In 1857, plantation owner George Masterson rules his slaves, wife and child with an iron fist and almost demonic malice. But the slaves created a protective amulet for his family in a ritual and put a curse on him. 130 years later, psychiatrist David Young (Andrew Stevens) moves into the former plantation house, along with pop singer Kate Christopher (Mary Paige Keller), who was previously his patient and her son Jason. But the property brings them no luck. Craftsmen unearth an entrance to the previously locked attic, in which David found skeletons in a box, Masterson’s wife’s diary, sheet music and parts of the amulet. From now on, the present reflects history more and more, and Masterson’s presence spreads throughout the house. This soon puts a strain on family cohesion and the first deaths occur…

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