81% of passenger cars approve the ITV on the first appointment




When it comes time to pass the ITV, the vast majority of the vehicles that attend it pass it favorably, according to the Spanish Association of Collaborating Entities of the Administration in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles,
; although 81% of passenger-type vehicles approve it in the first appointment, while after the second inspection the figure reaches 99%. These data take on special relevance in a period like the current one in which millions of Spaniards are mobilizing on the country’s roads to enjoy their vacations. But the summer season is also one of the ones with the highest road accidents and many of these accidents are caused by car failures.

According to data from the
General direction of traffic
(DGT), 1.7 million vehicles break down every year during summer trips. Therefore, before starting a trip, it is important, in addition to making sure you have the ITV up to date, to check some aspects of the car such as: tires, brakes, fluid level, battery, suspensions and lights .

Although, in recent weeks, most ITV stations have noticed a greater influx of vehicles that had expired, the absenteeism figures continue at high levels. For this reason, AECA-ITV calls on drivers to check the expiration date of their inspection and it is recommended to make use of the possibility of carrying out the inspection 30 days before expiration, since the expiration date will not be seen. affected for the next inspection. That is, if the ITV expires on August 15, 2021 and the user performs the inspection on July 27, 2021, it will be taken as reference on August 15, 2021 to assign the new validity. In this way, it is much more convenient to carry out the ITV without waiting for the expiration date of the same without implying a change in the validity period.

Guillermo Magaz, managing director of the association, recalls that the ITV “is a measure that will not only help reduce or avoid road accidents, but is also a legal obligation that, if not fulfilled, can lead to a fine of 200 or 500 euros”.

In fact, there are no excuses since there are many ways in which you can check the validity date of the ITV: through the vehicle’s technical sheet, checking the sticker located on the windshield or through the DGT app, miDGT.

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