8:30 p.m. Sunday – “You had to dare, it’s surprising”, “Stuck in front of my screen”: After Jean-Paul Rouve’s challenge to Laurent Delahousse, Internet users thank him for this “memorable” moment

Nikos Aliagas and Jean-Paul Rouve were invited to the set of “8:30 p.m. on Sunday”, this February 20. With Laurent Delahousse, the two guests offered a “timeless” moment to viewers.

This Sunday, February 20, Laurent Delahousse welcomed two personalities adored by the French, but above all two friends above all, on the 8:30 p.m. set on Sunday. Jean-Paul Rouve and Nikos Aliagas made the trip and offered a moment “magical” and “benevolent” to viewers. The actor and interpreter of Jeff Tuch returned to his passions for cinema, the stage, but also photography. Recently, the 55-year-old actor exhibited photographs he found of his father Marcel , dating from the 60s, at the Ground Effect gallery, alongside the director and photographer, Jérôme Revon.A beautiful gift to the man who gave him life.

VIDEO – Laurent Delahousse’s minute

“Thank you for these 15 seconds of silence”

If his little dog, who accompanies him everywhere, almost stole the show from him on the set of France 2, Jean-Paul Rouve managed to transport viewers into a whirlwind of emotions. He also launched a crazy and daring bet to Laurent Delahousse. “Silence is very important“, he assured the journalist, before adding: “We try ? Want us to try?” “The silence on a television set, right now at 8 p.m. with the people watching us? You, you will perhaps succeed, I will have great moments of loneliness” then launched Laurent Delahousse. But once morest all odds, the two men launched themselves into this silence, almost out of time in “8:30 p.m. on Sunday“. One moment “magical“, “magnificent” and “memorable” which stuck all the Internet users. They also wanted to thank the presenter and his guest for having “dared“this great moment in television.

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“The new boy band at 8:30 p.m. on Sundays is great”

After these 15 seconds of silence, which transported the viewers, Nikos Aliagas made a very remarkable entrance on the set of “8:30 p.m. on Sunday“. Alongside Jean-Paul Rouve, the two men were able to share their love of photography. If the presence of these two friends delighted Internet users, they did not expect such a surprising finale. Accompanied by the pianist , Alain Lanty, Jean-Paul Rouve, Nikos Aliagas and Laurent Delahousse pushed the song. “This karaoke between friends“, as described by a user, will remain etched in the minds.

VIDEO – The minute of Nikos Aliagas

“He’s living his best life”

Twitter users have also noticed that Laurent Delahousse was “cowardly” tonight, and it both amused them and won them over.

Jean-Paul Rouve, Nikos Aliagas and Laurent Delahousse made an impression and were unanimous on Twitter. Internet users have enjoyed attending such moments filled with benevolence and complicity.

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