846 in the wagon and John Stockton in the retro

Joe Ingles only needed two award-winning shots to overtake legendary John Stockton and become the number one sniper in the Salt Lake City franchise. The arrival of Dallas allowed the Australian to break the record and here is his lumberjack face printed on all the Utah banknotes.

No real surprise this night when I discovered this new record which fell, since several American media had already announced the color in the evening. Some teammates had even chambered saying that they were going to wean their shooting winger from balls., so as not to erase the record of John Stockton, one of the two historic faces of the Mormon franchise. All kidding aside, it only took Joe Ingles six minutes to detonate two bombs from the parking lot and clear the previous mark. Below is the famous basket.

So it’s official: Joe Ingles is the most prolific sniper in Jazz history with 846 award-winning shots. Knowing that his young teammate Donovan Mitchell has already passed 400, it is a record that Spida should reach one of those four. More important than the number of returned shots is the number of games it took Ingles that challenges.

Joe therefore took only 493 games to overtake Stockton while the latter played no less than 1,504 games for the Jazz. In addition, the point guard was known for the quality of his shot and he registered more than 38% of his shots from the parking lot in his career. How to explain it then? Quite simply by a generational change and a long-distance shooting which takes more and more scale whereas the 90s were especially the territory of the big men and the shooting at mid-distance. If you do a quick math, that’s about a 3-point shot every other game and today that number would be a big joke, except for Ben Simmons. Not content with having recovered a record, GI Joe will be able to consolidate it very quickly thanks to the style of play of his team. Indeed, Utah has scored 319 shots from the parking lot in 19 games this season, a first in League history and a blessing for a player with such skill (almost 41% in career).

Joe Ingles has thus surpassed John Stockton in the books of the best snipers in the history of Jazz. Franchise record set in three times fewer games and further proof that the current League has nothing to do with that of the old legends.

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