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As VTuber is gradually becoming known to the public, it is not easy for newcomers to stand out from the crowd of VTubers. Some people use real life as a selling point, but now there is a new project “Meta Grandma” (メタばあちゃん), which has attracted the elderly The 85-year-old grandma is the middle person and will make her official debut soon.

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The project “Meta Grandma” (メタばあちゃん) has been officially released to the public through YouTube. The 0th-term student ひろこ is an 85-year-old Hiroshima native. He started idol activities because of his stupid grandson’s proposal.

With ひろこ grandma’s debut, he also publicly recruited friends to carry out activities in the film. Talent recruitment conditions include: over 75 years old, female, living in Japan, and must also have no dementia (dementia). Others such as being able to sing, having various talents, being a super grandma, or having family members who can support activities are all bonus points.

Apart from youtube channelSoto, Hirokoya opened TwitterFacebookInstagram as well as TikTok and other multiple SNS to actively interact with everyone. Everyone who is interested in older girls can also follow up and help grandma realize her dream and embark on the idol road XD

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