9 Monkeys of Shaolin – beat ’em up available from today

Buka Entertainment and Ravenscourt are releasing that today beat ’em up action game 9 Monkeys of Shaolin for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The title appears both digitally and in stores.

We are extremely happy that this day has finally come! Players around the world can now experience the legend of Shaolin up close ” says Dmitry Kachkov, founder of Sobaka Studio. “It was a long and exciting three-year journey in which we used all of our expertise to create a unique game full of adventure, challenges and the special atmosphere of the good old kung fu action films.”

About 9 Monkey of Shaolin

“If you know your opponent and yourself, you don’t have to fear a result from 100 fights. If you know yourself but not your opponent, for every victory you have, you will also experience defeat. If you neither know yourself nor your opponent, you will suffer defeat in every fight ”

  • Sun Tzu, The Art of War

9 Monkeys of Shaolin is a veritable rebirth of the iconic beat ’em up genre in the style of the well-known video games. Players who have spent hundreds of hours beating up opponents in this genre as children are guaranteed to have fun with this hardcore brawler.

In 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, players take control of Wei Cheng, a Chinese fisherman who wants to avenge the deaths of his friends and family who were murdered by pirates. Wei Cheng comes from a peaceful village, but is still a tough nut to crack that is difficult to crack: He is well versed in the martial arts of the legendary Shaolin monks. With his fighting staff he embarks on a challenging adventure in medieval China and fights mercilessly against hordes of different types of enemy.

Action-packed battles, user-friendly controls and an incredible atmosphere inspired by the famous 70s kung fu films make 9 Monkeys of Shaolin a perfect choice for any hardcore brawler fanatic.


  • Three unique fighting styles: Fight on earth, in the air or use magical seals. Combine these three elements and defeat any opponent that stands in your way.
  • Captivating story: Discover the fascinating world of Wei Cheng and follow him on his journey. Follow his development from a simple fisherman to a master of Shaolin martial arts.
  • Stunning graphic style: The extraordinary combination of historical and mystical elements makes every game scene an exciting sight.
  • Extensive character development: Various unlockable perks, items and skills will lead you to victory.
  • More than 25 different levels: Chinese villages, pirate ships, Buddhist monasteries, Japanese mansions, ancient ruins and many more …
  • 10 types of Chinese and Japanese polearms: Each weapon has unique properties. Explore the area and find more items.
  • Buy Gameplay: Invite your friends and fight your way through the waves of opponents together and master the game together.

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