9 Picasso works presented to France on the initiative of his daughter Maya

Paris – AFP
France has acquired nine Picasso works donated by his daughter Maya, and it is expected that they will be included in the national collections displayed in the Picasso Museum in 2022, according to what the French Minister of Culture Roslyn Bachelot announced.
“It was with great emotion that I celebrated the joining of these submitted works to the national collections,” the minister said, speaking of an “exceptional event”.
This gift, which includes six paintings, two sculptures and a sketchbook that belonged to Picasso, allows his daughter, Maya-Ruiz Picasso, to pay the rights to the estate, in kind.
All of these pieces will be on display to the public from April 2022.
During the conference held on Monday in Paris, only one work from this group was exhibited, a cubist painting dating back to 1938 and bearing the name “The Lollipop Child Sitting on a Chair”.
The total value of this group was not disclosed in order to preserve the principle of tax secrecy.


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