91 films to see in 10 days at the Black Movie festival

From January 20 to 29, the Black Movie is back with many screenings for all audiences, including children with accessible and ecological films.

With a poster that takes the form of a kaleidoscope, the festival is inspired by the different contexts and the “shattered world” that we can perceive around us. Maria Watzlawick, artistic director, points out that this exit from the Covid-19 crisis was directly followed by several other delicate contexts. She details: “The intranquillity which pursues us and which increases steadily is found globally in the films”.

Projections, but not only

Beyond the numerous films shown, other nocturnal events are organized with in particular evenings called “masterclasses”, which will deal with current events from SOS Méditerranée or Iranian cinema, for example. Finally, the “Petit black movie” is also part of this edition. The youngest will be able to watch films focusing in particular on ecology.

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