9,499 police officers benefited from elective advancement for the 2020 financial year

The 2020 budget year was marked by a widening of the range of beneficiaries of the advancement of choice compared to 2019, with an increase of 2,093 beneficiaries, an increase of around 28.26%, specifies the DGSN in a press release. This advancement concerned 7,204 police officers in uniform and 2,295 in civilian clothes, with particular attention and great care given to officials of lower or middle grades, notes the DGSN, noting that the rate of beneficiaries of this category of officials in uniform has exceeded 99% and reached 89.59% of the total beneficiaries in civilian clothes.

This announcement comes in a context marked by the adoption of the new statute for officials of the DGSN, which guarantees them several administrative and financial incentives, in particular the reduction of the number of years required to benefit from the advancement of your choice, notes the same source, noting that it has also implemented a new performance appraisal charter for its officials which allows their annual rating based on criteria of competence, merit and professional performance.

The DGSN places particular importance on career advancement, which is at the forefront of professional promotion mechanisms and one of the main administrative incentives that encourage police officers to show more sacrifice and abnegation during the exercise of their noble missions of protecting the security of citizens, preserving their property and improving the quality of the services offered to them, the press release concludes.


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