94th Birthday, Canadian Elderly Wants Corona Vaccine Prize

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

An elderly woman of origin Canada want a vaccine Covid-19 as a gift for his 94th birthday.

“I am 94 years old today! No prizes, please vaccinate me,” read the sentence in a banner that is displayed on the porch of Nina Rockett, 94, in Toronto, Canada.

Margot, daughter of Nina Rockett, took the initiative to make the banner. He then hung it in front of the house, amid growing frustration over the slow process of vaccination in Canada.

Canada is known to have ordered more than 400 million doses of vaccine from seven suppliers in December 2020. However, on the way, Canada encountered difficulties due to delays in shipping from Europe.

So far, less than 3 percent of Canada’s population has received a single shot of the vaccine.

“I put it in before my mother’s birthday. I realized that she was 94 years old and had not received the vaccine,” said Margot. AFP. Nina herself has a birthday on February 24.

Margot is disappointed because the Canadian government has broken too many promises about fulfilling the vaccination process in her country. Information from doctors and local health officials is also considered lacking.

“What’s happening here is terrible, shameful,” said Margor.

“I’m fed up and I think I want the world to know that he is [Nina Rockett] 94 years old and he deserves the vaccine, he wants it. “

What Margot did got a lot of responses from the public. Many people told him that they did not dare to visit their parents because they were afraid that they would transmit the corona virus.

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“I think everyone should hang a banner like this in their home to raise awareness of the plight of elderly people in Canada over the past year,” Margot said.

As of Friday (26/2) Canada has reported more than 858 thousand cases of Covid-19 with a death toll of 21,685. About 9 out of 10 deaths occur in elderly people.


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