98.09% vote count confirms Luis Arce’s victory in Bolivian presidential election | International

Aizar Raldes | France Media Agency


The official count of the 98.09% of the votes in Bolivia Thursday night consolidates the resounding victory of the leftist Luis Arce, Evo Morales’ dolphin, in Sunday’s presidential elections, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) reported.

The general count reached 98.09% around 12:45 this Friday, giving Luis Arce the first place with a 54.90% of the votes, followed by former centrist president Carlos Mesa with 28,90%, and third place to the rightist Luis Fernando Camacho with 14,12%said a statement from the TSE.

Shortly after reaching 100% of the vote count, the Bolivian electoral authority reported that this Friday will present the final official results at 6:00 p.m. local time.

The results confirm the preliminary polls that the private television channel Unitel and the Catholic Jubilee Foundation delivered at midnight on Sunday, and which gave Arce, a 57-year-old economist, a large first round victory with about 53%, more than 20 points than Mesa.

The projections put an end to the uncertainty sown in the country, seven hours after the conclusion of the elections, without the TSE delivering official preliminary results.

The general computation unfolds “With transparency, legality and certainty“Said the TSE statement.

The recount is carried out amid protests by right-wing groups that denounce fraud despite observers have ruled out vices in the electoral process.

The Bolivian Constitution declares the candidate who obtains an absolute majority or 40% of the votes as the winner in the first round with 10 points of advantage over the second. Otherwise, there must be a second round.


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