98% of Providencia’s infrastructure would have been damaged by Iota, confirms the Government

Photo: Presidency of the Republic

President Iván Duque confirmed on Monday that he was finally able to communicate with the mayor of Providencia, who confirmed that 98 percent of the island’s infrastructure would have been affected by the passage of Hurricane Iota and that there would be at least one victim mortal.

“We are facing a fact that has characteristics never seen in our country, in the first place in a matter of hours it went from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane, the highest category, and it is the first time in history that it reaches our country has been a type 5 hurricane for as long as there are records ”, stated the head of state.

He added that work has been carried out as far as possible in San Andrés but that “in the case of Providencia we have had very poor communication due to the effects on the telecommunications system. We know that there may be a large impact and that is why we have deployed all the response capabilities that begin with the entire logistics capacity of Risk Management from San Andrés, with our Navy, our Air Force, our Army, to have the possibility of arriving quickly ”.

For his part, the president affirmed at a press conference that “there is a 98% deterioration” within the island of Providencia and that, so far, a human life has been lost.

“Mayor Gari Hooker is doing an obstruction removal on some of the main roads and we are working to clean the runway at El Embrujo Airport,” he also said.

For his part, he added that he has reiterated to the mayor of San Andrés that “this is a major impact and we are aware that for the first time in the history of our country we see a category 5 hurricane hit our territory.”

“We are by your side, Mr. Mayor, and by the entire community of Providencia” and “We are going to recover all the infrastructure in the shortest possible time,” he said.

He also indicated that “We need to arrive quickly and carry out the survey of the single registry of victims, collect all the information on structural damage and with the entire National Government team we can carry out the reactivation plan for this region.”

“We are going to advance this forward command post at this time and we will be distributing rescue kits and supplying water and vital elements,” added the president.

He concluded by saying that “we will be delivering fast and periodic information” and that the director of Ideam will be working in Providencia with Mayor Gari Hooker “.

“We hope that in the course of the next few hours the weather conditions improve and that we can be there tomorrow.” He said that “Today a Navy ship with humanitarian material will set sail from Cartagena and we have the entire team of the National Police, Civil Defense, National Navy and Army working together.

Photo: REUTERS / Wilmer López

Photo: REUTERS / Wilmer López

For his part, Iván Duque assured that he was able to communicate with the mayor of Providencia, Norberto Gari, and that he assured him that, so far, one death and 98% damage to the island’s infrastructure have been confirmed.

The identity of the deceased person has not been confirmed. The president warned that the information was only a partial part and that the information on the situation on the island will be expanded later.

“We call for the solidarity of the private sector and all citizens so that we can schedule this situation together,” he said.

Among the latest communications with the island, some inhabitants of Providencia reported winds of more than 100 kilometers per hour, flooding in some sectors and the loss of the roofs of some houses. In addition, at that time there was only material loss.

This Sunday the National Meteorological Service reported that the hurricane, which is heading towards Nicaragua and Honduras, has strengthened and passed to category 5, with sustained winds of 135 knots (250 km / h), gusts of up to 155 knots (287 km / h). h).

The eye of the hurricane is estimated to be less than 10 kilometers from Providencia.

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