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Some astronomers believe that somewhere on the outer edge of the solar system is a planet with a mass about six times that of the Earth (CALTECH / R. HURT (IPAC)).

Of particular interest to the mysteries of the solar system is the question of whether there really is a giant ice planet outside the ice giant. If it actually exists, it will be the ninth planet in the solar system, so it is tentatively called “Planet Nine”, but this hypothesis has caused controversy since the time it was proposed. This is because it was estimated from the strange orbits drawn by some small objects.

Meanwhile, California Institute of Technology astronomers Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin said that if Planet Nine were to exist, it would be closer to Earth, brighter, and easier to find than previously thought. Announced the analysis result of Deaf. Their treatises will be accepted in the journal Astronomical Journal on August 22, 2021 and will be published soon.

According to the treatise, Planet Nine was previously thought to revolve around the Sun in a cycle of 18,500 years, but new calculations have shortened that period to 7,400 years. Also, the mass is likely to be about 6 times that of the Earth. It will be a rock planet larger than Earth or a gas giant smaller than Neptune.

“I think we’ll find Planet Nine in a year or two,” Brown said with confidence. However, he added, “I’ve been making the same predictions every year for the last five years, because I’m super optimistic.”

Mr Brown and Mr Batigin also created a “treasure map” showing the area of ​​the sky where Planet Nine might be lurking. The Milky Way runs across the map. Could Planet Nine ever be found because it was hidden in the Milky Way, where many stars were densely packed and shining brightly?

“This tells us where to look and where we don’t have to look. Unless we make a mistake, it’s okay,” Brown said.

Invisible distant star

The reason Brown and colleagues consider Planet Nine to exist is that it appears to affect some of the Kuiper belt objects outside of Kaioh. Some of the small celestial bodies that gather on the Kuiper belt have extreme orbits, such as the distance between the Sun and the Earth when it is closest to the Sun is within about 50 times, but when it is farthest, it is more than three times that distance. ..

In 2016, Batigin and Brown scrutinized six of them. The elliptical and tilted orbits of these objects have puzzled scientists for many years, but at this time Brown’s team said that a planet with a mass about 10 times that of the Earth would be in the orbit of the object due to gravity. He concluded that it must be influential. The mass of the planet was estimated to be larger than Earth and smaller than Neptune.


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