“9th Saudi Relief Flight Brings Humanitarian Aid to Sudan in Conflict: News Summary”

2023-05-29 07:06:17

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Riyadh: Sadhana Sa to Sudan, which is suffering due to civil conflict Ninth flight from Riyadh with Magrikal to Port Sudan V Got down on the podium. King Salma for the people of Sudan, who is the leader of the military conflict. N Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KS Relief) declared The ninth insurance is part of humanitarian assistance of 1000 crore dollars. Reached no.

30 tons of food, clothing, medicine and medical equipment In honor. Head of Saudi Crown Prince and Crown Prince Salman According to the instructions of his brother Muhammad bin Salman, the ‘Sahim’ platform 94 percent of the fund collection target has been completed. Rich. 9256 people have brought help to this.

The shooting ends at 9:45 p.m. local time on Monday night. Saudi to reach agreement on extension and continue discussions Arabia and the United States have asked the military parties in Sudan. A joint call issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia Humanitarian arrangements and civilian safety come first in Nathi. There is a need to extend the short-term ceasefire agreement. Extending the deadline for humanitarian aid to the Sudanese people The proposal says that the injection is an opportunity to continue. . Held in Jeddah a week ago as part of a joint Saudi-US effort A temporary ceasefire was held during the discussion.

News Summary – 9th Saudi relief flight in Sudan

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