News A 13-year, single-dose, effective male contraceptive could be on...

A 13-year, single-dose, effective male contraceptive could be on the market as early as 2020


A single injection of this male contraceptive would guarantee an effectiveness of at least thirteen years, while being reversible if the man changes his mind. – CLOSON / ISOPIX / SIPA

  • An Indian lab has developed what it considers "the world's first male contraceptive".
  • This male contraception is administered by injection. Its effectiveness would last up to thirteen years, have no side effects and would be reversible, according to the Indian laboratory that developed it.
  • This new contraceptive could be available on the Indian market in the first half of 2020, before arriving on the international drug market.

A little sting of nothing at all. It looks like nothing, but it could be a sign of a revolution to come. Indian researchers have just developed a male contraceptive. A single dose, which promises contraceptive efficacy for more than a decade. After successful clinical trials, this male contraceptive could enter the Indian drug market in six months before being introduced to the global market.

A single dose "effective at least thirteen years"

With this contraceptive for men, no daily pill to swallow at a fixed time. The man receives a single dose of a polymer, styrene maleic anhydride, called RISUG, for "Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance" (in vivo reversible inhibition of spermatozoa). A polymer that has existed since the 1970s, and on which much research has been conducted to develop a male contraceptive compatible with mass production. "The Indians are very advanced, they have been working on this project for a very long time: with one of the highest populations in the world, developing an effective contraceptive that men are ready to take is a real demographic issue", explains Dr. Sylvain Mimoun, andrologist, specialist in contraceptive issues and director of the andrology center of Cochin Hospital.

"The trials are complete, including Phase 3 clinical trials, conducted on 303 participants, with a success rate of 97.3%, and no observed side effects," said Hindustan Times Dr. RS Sharma, a scientist who is a member of the Indian Council of Medical Research, who led the clinical trials. This product can definitely be considered as the world's first male contraceptive. " To ensure the effectiveness of treatment, it is administered at the source, in the vas deferens, near the testes. No pain to be feared, the injection is done under local anesthesia by a licensed health professional. Then? The manufacturer promises at least thirteen years of contraceptive effectiveness, so of tranquility. "If the long-term efficacy of this product is demonstrated, it would be a huge societal advance," says Dr. Mimoun. The fact that it only requires a single dose for such long-lasting efficacy could convince many men to be "contraceptive".

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Treatment with no side effect and reversible?

With this product, the Indians would have won the pawn to the Americans, who are working on a similar male contraceptive, but which is still under development. In addition to potentially relieving the woman of the contraceptive load, this treatment would have no side effects, according to Indian researchers. A good point compared to the different
Male pills developed in recent decades, which have never arrived on the drug market because of the observed side effects. "Any research in this area is positive because everyone is concerned about contraception. Having an effective male contraceptive with no side effects is new, Dr. Mimoun says. I am a little skeptical about the total absence of side effects: there are none until further notice, until we find out. Because an active product without side effects is in my opinion an inactive product, it is impossible.

But this contraceptive puts forward another asset and not least: this treatment would also offer the opportunity to change your mind and go back, by means of a new injection that will dissolve the polymer. "This is a real argument: today, many men are reluctant to make a vasectomy, which has a definitive effect. For many men, the loss of fertility is perceived as sterility, impotence. Offering a treatment that is effective over time but reversible could in a few years allow a revolution in contraception and
its distribution between women and men ".




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