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A 15-year-old student shoots and kills three classmates at a Michigan high school

A fifteen year old student He killed three classmates from his institute on Tuesday in a shooting that occurred at this school in the town of Oxford, in the state of Michigan (USA).

Oakland County Deputy Sheriff, Mike McCabe, confirmed the three deaths in an appearance before the media concentrated next to the institute where this event occurred, and for which the alleged perpetrator has been arrested.

According to the data provided by McCabe, it seems that the deceased are students. And the suspect is another 15-year-old schoolboy from this center, who was carrying a “semiautomatic” weapon that has been confiscated.

There are also other six injured, including a teacher, who have been transferred to hospitals.

In his press appearance, which could be followed on social networks, the deputy sheriff explained that the event lasted only a few minutes when the agents arrived before the alert calls that there was a shooter in the institute.

In a few minutes, “five” according to the police representative, the agents managed to reduce and detain the boy, who nevertheless already he had shot multiple victims.

The shooter was not injured and “He gave up without a problem.” At the moment he has not given any reason why he committed the crime and has asked for a lawyer, according to the deputy sheriff.

McCabe also highlighted the speed with which those responsible for the institute and the students knew how to react to avoid a major tragedy, following all protocols to protect yourself from the shooter while waiting for the police.


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