a 17-year-old dies in an accident while fleeing from the gendarmes

Three other minors were hospitalized, their vital prognosis is engaged.

A 17-year-old young man driving a van who was trying to flee a gendarmerie patrol, in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Montchanin (Saône-et-Loire), died, we learned from the prosecutor from Chalon-sur-Saône.

Shortly before midnight, the utility vehicle was stationary in the middle of the roadway, doors open. A gendarmerie patrol then approached when the van fled, said prosecutor Damien Savarzeix, confirming information from Creusot Infos.

Followed by the gendarmes, the driver of the vehicle “took a lot of risks, burned two fires and drove very fast“, According to the magistrate. The van, with four minors and a major on board, then crashed into a roundabout. The gendarmes, who were then “from a distance“, According to the prosecutor, brought first aid to the five passengers.

The driver died of his injuries. The vital prognosis of the three other minors, hospitalized, was engaged. The fifth passenger, an adult, was also hospitalized. “The investigation begins“, Added Mr. Savarzeix, who entrusted the investigations to the research brigade of the gendarmerie of Chalon-sur-Saône.


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