A 5-year-old boy recovers from cancer after a relatively short period of experimental treatment… they discovered his infection the day after the birth of his little sister

An-Nahar website published:

In the details provided by the site “Subway”Scott got a life-saving vaccine, but it is not currently available through the NHS.

Scott returned to #United kingdom As he continues his recovery journey, he was able to go to school in the Kent area, which raised great joy among his relatives.

And over the past year, the parents have been with the child several times to New York for treatment, after we were able to raise more than £232,000 to save his life.

His mother Claire commented, “He has great energy, and he is getting stronger every day.” She expressed her hope that a vaccine that treats cancer would become available in Britain, after she went through a very difficult experience of having to raise a large amount of money while caring for a very sick child.

Liam from Edinbridge underwent year-long treatment after being diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2019, the day after his sister Kylie was born.

The mother added, “You feel helpless because you need so much money. All you think about is your child, and you have to do everything you can to make it live.”

This rare form of cancer affects around 100 children in the UK each year and requires aggressive treatment. Although Liam underwent several rounds of agonizing treatments, there was a serious risk that the disease would recur, with serious complications.

So his family decided that the only option they had was for Liam to receive an experimental cancer vaccine in New York, because this treatment could prevent the disease from recurring. The family started a campaign to collect the required amount to complete the treatment, and they were very happy when the goal was achieved and Liam was able to go to the United States and undergo treatment.

His father commented, “All parents whose children have a similar illness are trying to go to the US to get the vaccine. Liam has a positive story, and he’s been able to recover. This treatment should be brought to the UK.”

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