A 60-year-old dies after colliding with an oxygen cylinder during an MRI scan.

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It was later revealed that a patient who was performing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at a hospital in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, died after collided with a flying oxygen cylinder.

According to the police on the 17th, at around 8:25 pm on the 14th, a man (in his 60s) who was taking an MRI at a hospital in Jangyu-ro, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, was struck by an oxygen cylinder and died.

At the time of the accident, when the medical staff operated the MRI machine, a metal oxygen cylinder with a height of 128 cm and a circumference of 76 cm, which was about 2 meters away from the device, suddenly moved rapidly toward the device along with the cart on which the oxygen cylinder was placed, causing an accident.

At that time, the oxygen tube was in the MRI room for the patient to use the oxygen ventilator, and the police believe that the oxygen tube moved due to the strong magnetism from the MRI machine.

Person A, whose head was pressed by the oxygen cylinder, eventually died, and an autopsy is scheduled to be carried out to determine the exact cause of death.

The police, who could not obtain an image at the time of the accident because there was no CCTV in the MRI room, are investigating whether there was negligence against hospital officials and others.

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