a 75-year-old Quaregnonnais dies instantly after hitting a van

This Tuesday evening, there was a large deployment of relief on the Chaussée de Saint-Ghislain between Chièvres and Vaudignies. A serious accident had just occurred. A car and a van were involved. “For an unexplained reason, the car deviated from its path and struck the van which was coming in the opposite direction,” confirms the Mons prosecutor’s office. Unfortunately, the driver of the car, from Quaregnon, died instantly. The emergency services could not do anything to save him. He died at the scene of the accident.

Victim of discomfort?

Firefighters and police were also on site. The firefighters also proceeded to extricate the victim. Witnesses witnessed the scene. Since the driver abruptly left his path, they assume that the septuagenarian was seized with discomfort while driving. “However, it is not possible to say whether his death was consecutive to the accident, or whether he had a prior illness which caused the accident”, concludes Damien Verheyen, deputy prosecutor of the king of Mons.

The Quaregnonnais was 75 years old. Under the violence of the shock, the van ended its race in a ditch. Its 49-year-old driver was taken to hospital but his life is not in danger. At around 9 p.m., the emergency services had vacated the premises.


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