a baby is born with antibodies to Covid-19

Published on : 01/12/2020 – 01:25

In Singapore, a newborn baby whose mother contracted the coronavirus pregnant was examined from birth. The medical team was thus able to discover that he had antibodies to resist Covid-19.

With our correspondent in Singapore, Gabrielle Marshals

Aldrin Ng Chan is only a few weeks old, but he’s already intriguing scientists around the world. When the WHO still confesses great ignorance about how the coronavirus affects or not a fetus in utero, this Singaporean baby asks more questions than he answers the questions of scientists. Because Aldrin was born with antibodies allowing him to resist the virus, which his mother had caught in Europe in March before returning to Singapore.

Even more surprising for scientists: the young mother who has since tested negative for Covid-19 does not have any more antibodies in her body.

The hypothesis put forward so far by the medical team following this atypical case is that the pregnant woman transmitted all his antibodies to her future child. Doctors do not know how long these will stay in the baby’s body, however, or how effective they are against the coronavirus.

The young mother and her child have therefore assured that they would readily lend themselves to the research in progress, in order to help unravel all the mysteries of Covid-19.


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