A baby is born with two mouths

Ph. Facebook / BMJ

A six-month-old girl underwent unusual surgery to have her second mouth removed. An extremely rare case: she is 35e nobody in the world, since 1900, to have been born with this type of facial malformation.

In Charleston, South Carolina, USA, a little girl was born with a second mouth. With two-centimeter lips, teeth, and even a small tongue, it was to the right of his chin.

Clear liquid, probably saliva, leaked out at times.

It’s during the 28e week of pregnancy the doctors spotted an anomaly on the baby’s face. They thought it was a cyst or a benign tumor … It was only at birth that parents and specialists discovered this second mouth.

Successful operation

Experts who followed her echoed her case in a medical journal, the BMJ Case Reports.

This second mouth had no connection with the first, note the doctors. The child could breathe, drink and eat normally with their main mouth.

The medical teams carried out a surgical intervention in order to remove this additional organ. It went off without a hitch and was a success.

35 cases worldwide

After six months, the wound was well healed and the little one was feeding without difficulty. Since then, she has no longer needed treatment.

Ph. Facebook / BMJ

However, the doctors noticed that she was unable to move her lip from the bottom, right side. This could mean that the muscles in this area are no longer working.

Diprosopia, a disease where parts of the face are duplicated, is extremely rare. Globally, only 35 cases have been recorded since 1900.

These deformities are thought to result from a protein problem during pregnancy.

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