A “Bachelorette” puts a Laker in the sauce

The famous American Bachelor show also knows its female version, and obviously has its little success in the league. So much so that a Lakers player would have tried his luck with the last “Bachelorette” … before being savagely displayed by it.

As we know, the confinement in the Orlando bubble was at the origin of several abuses of NBA players concerning their intimate life. Isolated from the outside world, and therefore from the female gender, the stars of the league have repeatedly violated the regulations to overcome this problem. Many Instagrammers received an invitation.

Unable to control their libido, some have even been excluded from the site for their behavior, such as Danuel House Jr. Absent from campus, Kevin Durant had meanwhile sided with his counterparts with a cult response. But the phenomenon of approaches via private messages obviously did not end following their departure from Florida.

The latest target of a league personality is also well known to the general American public, since it is Tayshia Adams, icon of the flagship show “The Bachelorette” since early November. Interviewed by Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin, the latter revealed the team of the courtier in question.

– Who is the most famous person who slipped in your MD?

– Well… I’m not going to throw out the name, but I spoke to a Laker!

– Was it Kuz ‘? Because Kuz ‘has a habit of slipping into the DMs of Bachelor girls. Just saying…

– Maybe, maybe not… I already spoke to him.

Two lessons can already be learned from this exchange: Kyle Kuzma was obviously an assiduous viewer of the show before meeting Winnie Harlow, but his relationship with the famous model did not dissuade him from talking with Adams. Anyway, he is not the player to whom this refers, nor … LeBron James.

I wish it was LeBron! No believe me, exciting person. I would have liked him to be a very good player. But no, no one exciting.

It would therefore be an obscure member of the Angelino roster who would have tried an approach with the young woman, and who obviously did not succeed in his approach. The last sentence of The Bachelorette leaves little room for doubt on this point.

The fishing was not good. The big fish didn’t bite. I’m sorry, I would have liked!

The mystery therefore remains on the identity of the famous Laker seduced by Tayshia Adams. We doubt, however, that he comes to denounce himself on his own initiative, given the sad description of the star of the cult program. Those most fond of this kind of story will therefore have to launch their own investigation.

Despite his status as a player in the reigning champion NBA franchise, the stranger mentioned by the Bachelorette Tayshia Adams has therefore received… a serious rake. A reason for hope for all men.

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