A bang in Zwickau: Constance Arndt becomes the new mayor

Constance Arndt from the voters’ association “Citizens for Zwickau” won the mayoral election in Zwickau. In the second ballot on Sunday, Arndt received 71.9 percent of the vote. Only 28 percent of the voters voted for their competitor Kathrin Köhler from the CDU. After the election victory, Arndt was surprised by the clear result. “I would like to say thank you to my team for supporting me over the past few weeks,” said the new mayor.

You will have to learn a lot in the next few weeks, so Arndt. Her goal is to connect people, build bridges and build trust. A total of around 72,000 residents of Zwickau were called upon to elect their new mayor. The turnout was 37.7 percent.


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