a bar in Bayonne is installing two decontamination booths

Funny unidentified machines made their appearance this summer in Petit Bayonne. L’Estafette and Jean Bart, two establishments which are linked to each other, have decided to invest. At each entrance, the managers have installed a decontamination gantry.

It is a large futuristic portal with green neon lights on the side. A thermal camera take each client’s temperature and also verify that they are all wearing a mask. If everything is correct, a guard, specially trained to operate the machine, allows people to enter the airlock.

For a few seconds, a decontaminating product is then sprayed. This is’an equivalent of hydroalcoholic serum, but in a spray, which was also difficult to develop because, as explained by Matthieu Rigaud, the Bayonne doctor at the origin of this device, there was no such product before. “The only substance I was aware of that could be sprayed and that disinfects is bleach and it’s much more irritating.”, he laughs.

An effective product for two hours

From the month of April, it passes “every hour of free time” to develop this product and to reflect on this project. After several months of work, he finally found the right dosage, which is today validated by ANSES, the health security agency, including for pregnant women and children under three years old.

99.9% of bacteria and viruses are eliminated, plus two hours of protection. – Matthieu Rigaud, the Bayonne doctor who designed these machines

“It’s reliable”, assures the doctor, “We are 99.9% of bacteria and viruses eliminated, with the addition of two hours of protection, which we did not imagine at the start of the project”, he adds. “This has been validated by tests, carried out over six months by independent laboratories.” This product is therefore effective against Covid-19, but also the flu or a simple cold.

A long-term investment

On the other hand, the investment is substantial. Marketing will begin in early November, and it will take around 10,000 euros for a machine. But this is a long-term investment for Nicolas Miquel, one of the managers of Jean Bart. “I am afraid that today the Covid-19 will not stop in December, so indeed it will be profitable in the long term, in the sense that our establishments will be able to remain open as long as possible.”

A concept that is even beginning to convince our political leaders, since the town hall of Bayonne and the urban area of ​​the Basque Country are seduced. The mayor of the city and president of the agglomeration community, Jean-René Etchegaray does not hide his interest, with the possibility of installing these cabins at the entrance of public buildings, in front of each EHPAD or at the Jean Dauger stadium for example.

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