A beautiful anchor on Al-Jazeera, she forgot that she is live.. You will not believe what she did with her colleague and her reaction when she remembered that she was on the broadcast.!! (embarrassing video)

In a funny and embarrassing video, Al-Jazeera anchor Iman Ayyad forgot the name of her colleague Hamza Al-Radi, the sports news presenter.

Ayyad, while conveying the conversation to her colleague Al-Radi, was silent for a moment because she forgot the name of her colleague, before the latter rectified the situation by saying, “We forgot to write the name, which made them laugh.

Ayyad posted funny comments she received about the clip on her Instagram account.

While Al-Radi revealed that his colleagues, Mahmoud Murad and Othman Ay Farah, had previously made a mistake in mentioning his name, as one of them called him on the air as “Ahmed. While the other replied by saying “Hazem”, he asked: “Is my name so difficult?”

As the Sudanese presenter on Al-Jazeera channel, Nancy Mahjoub, commented on a funny situation related to Hamza Al-Radi, as she mentioned that one of her colleagues, when he wanted to take over the helm of speaking about her in the bulletin, told her: “Thank you Hamza,” based on the name written in front of him wrongly on the screen.

It is worth noting that there were hundreds of embarrassing and funny situations by broadcasters and journalists who were exposed to them live, most notably the Al-Arabiya broadcaster, who fell to the ground while presenting the weather forecast.

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