A Belgian man who was sentenced to 8 years in jail for attempted murder in absentia has been apprehended in the Netherlands.

The man was convicted in February 2022 for striking his partner and daughter-in-law with a hammer two years prior. Despite evading capture for an extended period, the police suspected he was in Almere, a town in the Netherlands, and requested Dutch authorities to arrest him. Due to his reputation for being dangerous with firearms, the special intervention forces arrested him on the street. It is now up to Dutch authorities to decide whether to extradite him to Belgium.

The man had been convicted in absentia in February 2022 after hitting his partner and daughter-in-law in the head with a hammer two years earlier.

The 55-year-old man had not been found for a long time, according to the police. But as it was suspected that he was in the Dutch town of Almere, Belgian police asked their Dutch counterpart to arrest him. The man being known to be dangerous with firearms, he was arrested in the street by the special intervention forces.

Dutch justice will decide if the man will be delivered to Belgium.

In conclusion, the Belgian police’s collaboration with their Dutch counterparts resulted in the arrest of a dangerous fugitive who had been convicted of domestic violence. The man’s violent actions towards his partner and daughter-in-law had left a trail of fear and uncertainty in their lives. It is reassuring to know that law enforcement agencies are working together to ensure that such criminals are brought to justice, no matter where they choose to hide. As the fate of the fugitive is now in the hands of Dutch justice, we hope that he will face the consequences of his actions and serve his time accordingly.

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