A big artistic surprise: After 28 years, the first Arab artist appeared completely naked in her films and became famous for her roles of seduction and dancing, and she returned to acting… Who do you expect her to be!!

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The 76-year-old actress has been dubbed the star of Syrian cinema, after she presented more than fifty films. She is known for her seductive roles and as a dancer.

She won many awards in festivals in Syria and abroad. Her last appearance dates back to 1992, specifically in the movie “The Shuttle”.

In detail, last year 2020, a famous Arab seduction artist decided to return to acting again, after 28 years away from the spotlight and artwork.

She is the temptation artist who appeared in age, and her appearance seemed completely changed compared to her beauty when she was in the prime of her artwork.

The Syrian actress, Eghraa, had a bold opinion about the cinema, which she expressed in shocking terms that were reported by the newspapers, in which she announced that she did not regret what she had presented.

Her real name is Nihad Alaeddin, and she was born on February 19, 1942, and was the first star of seduction in the cinema of the sixties and seventies.

In 1972, Ighraa participated in the movie “Al-Fahd”, which told the story of Abu Ali Shaheen, a Syrian fighter against French colonialism, and directed by Nabil Al-Maleh.

The film included scenes of nudity, most notably the scene in which she was bathing completely naked near one of the waterfalls in the Rabwah area of ​​Damascus.

With actor Adeeb Kaddoura, as he lay naked on top of her body, a scene that critics described as “the most exciting in the history of Syrian cinema.”

After the film was shown, Ighraa said that she “accepted to shoot this scene in order to save the film, at the request of the director, and she said her famous sentence: Let my body be a bridge over which Syrian cinema can cross to progress.

The Syrian artist is the first Arab artist to fully strip naked in her films, and her films often included many scenes of nudity, sex and long cinematic kisses, and for this she received many criticisms from conservatives.

In an interview with the New York Times, the Syrian artist responded to these criticisms by saying: I took off my clothes in films, believing in my principles.

She added, “I took off my clothes for principle, and if I wanted to do it for money, I would do it in the dark, and make more money.

In her interview in 2017, Eghraa called on producers in the Middle East to bring sex back into cinema, noting that the kiss, the swimsuit, and the belly dance are the basis of any movie’s success at the box office.

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