“A big step backwards” for Tuchel, Garcia looks “upwards” – Ligue 1

The reactions of the two coaches after the victory of Olympique Lyonnais in Paris (0-1), Sunday evening.

At the Parc des Princes

Thomas Tuchel (PSG coach) : “We were never mentally ready to play this game. I saw a very mentally tired team. We made a lot of mistakes, we never found the rhythm, we never played with enough confidence. We weren’t focused or disciplined enough. It’s a big step backwards after the last matches. I am surprised. I expected a game of a higher level. I saw a very low level, not just us but the game in general. It’s my fault because I didn’t feel this mental fatigue yesterday (Saturday). Not at all. Otherwise, I would have made changes to start with a different mentality. The key is always the effort, the discipline, the defensive efforts, the structure to win very high balls, to do counter-pressing, to play with structure and energy. We missed all of that. I saw a very tired team. It was clearly a moment to continue, to show the competition again that we are really there. We lost points in the form of gifts against OM, Monaco and Bordeaux. It’s too much. Today too … I am not satisfied.

“I don’t want to hear an excuse, I don’t want to make any”

Thomas Tuchel

(…) If we continue to play at 50% (of our potential), there is no difference (with the other competitors), that’s clear. (on the lost leader’s position) That doesn’t worry me. What worries me are our performances in Ligue 1: it’s not serious enough, not with enough effort and discipline. For the title, it depends on us. If we give the best performance and lose, no problem. On the other hand, it’s a problem if we lose matches, points, and don’t play seriously enough. (…) Decompression after the Champions League? Maybe … Lassitude with the sequence of the two seasons? Of course, but I don’t want to accept it because we are in a very good phase, we have been strong playing as a team in the last three matches and relying on several keys: effort, discipline , the way to defend and the high recoveries. We showed. There you go … There is no excuse for this performance. I don’t want to hear an excuse, I don’t want to make one. I can only say why we lost this game. It makes sense and it is very hard to accept. I am a part of this group. ”

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Rudi Garcia (OL coach) : “Not a good match according to Tuchel? If it’s not a good game when Paris does not develop a lot of actions, does not shoot a lot on goal and does not frame its few shots, then it was not a good game … But we especially well defended, we destroyed their forces and we played well enough offensively to score at least once. In the penultimate and the last pass, we should have done much better and be much more precise, much more accurate. And in this case, we could have won more widely. (…) We were close to our best level in terms of tactical intelligence, game plan and self-sacrifice for the collective. We can do better in the use of the ball. But we took what we had come for. (…) The objective remains the same: to be in the top three. The championship is very tight up front. We had the good idea to win tonight to keep looking up. It does not prevent dreaming. But it would be lacking in humility, at the third of the championship, to speak of anything other than the objective of the first three places. Appetite comes with eating. We will see … We are much more (regular), we were able to string together victories, we have been undefeated for a long time (11 matches without defeat, editor’s note). We must already think about playing 100% against Brest (Wednesday), with the forces of the moment. We won’t have Thiago (Mendes) for example, but we will have other solutions in the middle. We just have to move on, remain humble and continue our way. So far, it’s pretty good. ”

Interview at a press conference

Cornet: “We weren’t afraid of PSG”

Maxwell Cornet (OL defender) : “We saw that we were capable of doing good things. It’s up to us to repeat them in the next matches. We knew it would be complicated but that we should not panic, just play the blows thoroughly and put the few chances we would have. That’s what we did with Tino (Kadewere). We were not afraid of this team, we played. We have talented players, we did the right thing. We saw a very good team from Lyon, united and with individuals who can make the difference at any time, a united collective. These are the ingredients we put into training every day, the joie de vivre that is felt on the pitch. We have big ambitions. We also have this frustration of not being able to qualify for the Champions League after stopping the championship early enough. We are really keen to seek qualification (in C1) and something very beautiful also at the end. Everything is possible, we have the staff for it. It’s up to us not to ignite, to remain humble, in our cocoon, to enjoy each other in training, and it will be felt on the pitch. ” (in press conference)


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