a blacklist of 105 drugs to avoid

Like every year, the review Prescribe has just published its blacklist of drugs: 105 drugs are pinned, including 89 sold in France. Medicines considered more dangerous than useful.

In this list, there are very specific drugs that have side effects that are too important compared to what they treat and there are drugs that we all know, that we have practically all taken at least once. These include medicines for the common cold: Dolirhume, Actifed, Humex Cold. All these, already, are not used much but in addition induce a real cardiovascular risk when you take them.

Do you know the adage? An untreated cold lasts 7 days. Neat, it lasts a week! A little paracetamol in moderation is still the best way to survive a bad cold. The same goes for cough and sore throat drugs: Maxilase, Toplexil … Medicines that do not heal but have side effects. Special care should be taken with children, especially when we know that one in 10 children under 15 has already been prescribed a drug that is contraindicated for their age.

Paracetamol type Doliprane is not to be avoided, but it is to be used with caution, like all drugs. And it’s true that we don’t always have the information when we buy it without a prescription. Especially since the French are fans of self-medication.

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8 out of 10 French people resort to self-medication

8 out of 10 French people resort to self-medication. And yet in France, we are far behind compared to other European countries: contrary to popular belief, we resort to self-medication twice as much as the European average. For example, we are very far behind the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden …

What do you buy without a prescription? For years we have always found the same brands in mind: first Doliprane, unsurprisingly, then Oscilococcinum, Humex and Strepsil. Medicines that can be expensive, this is where laboratories make their biggest profit: when a medicine is delisted, its price increases on average by 43% and can even soar up to 300%. Small example: the Gaviscon, reimbursed on prescription, will cost you 2.50 euros without. And Gavisconnel, with exactly the same molecules but which is not reimbursed, costs on average 6.90 euros.

Self-medication should not be completely banished, but it should be borne in mind that taking a drug is never harmless. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your pharmacist and especially to read the instructions carefully. And we never reuse a drug that has been prescribed to us without a new opinion.

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