a blacklist of independentists in preparation in Beijing?

According to leaks published in the Hong Kong press, Beijing is preparing a blacklist of Taiwanese separatists “The most stubborn”, that he finds guilty of imprescriptible crimes severely punished by the Chinese judicial arsenal.

Beijing authorities, “Facing a great vivacity of the independence forces on the island” of Taiwan, would prepare to draft a list of “The most obstinate separatists”, according to Takungpao, Hong Kong daily near Beijing. The Chinese authorities are reportedly considering heavy sanctions against these people and their financial backers, based on the national law against separatism, the law on state security, and the penal code.

The law against separatism, passed in 2005 in Beijing, affirms the uniqueness of China and represses without limitation any attempt to remove Taiwan from Chinese sovereignty, a crime punishable by life imprisonment.

According to sources close to the services responsible for Taiwanese affairs in China, cited by the South China Morning Post, the idea for the list is believed to date back to two years ago, after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Taiwan was not “Was not part of China”. The names would not be released until after the inauguration of the next US president.

“We are all separatists”

“Is this a blacklisting or an honorary distinction?” asks Lin Chun-hsien, MP of the Progressive Democratic Party, cited by the Taiwanese site Newtalk.

“Let’s analyze who are the people who could end up on this list. According to our experience of the attitude of the authorities on the continent, it would be: 1. people advocating independence, who are of course separatists. 2. those who are for maintaining the status quo with the Republic of China in Taiwan, who are also among the separatists. 3.people who defend ‘one China, several interpretations’, and for whom the Republic of China should not be called into question. Sorry, as long as you are not for unification, then you are all separatists. ” However, the most recent surveys show that the vast majority of Taiwanese are at least for the status quo, which ranks them among the “Separatists”, concludes the deputy.

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