A Boston Dynamics robot charged with night patrols in a Kia factory

Boston Dynamics’ scary robots are beginning to find practical use. A Spot robot, a sort of quadruped, will be put into service for a test in a Kia factory in South Korea for safety purposes. The robot will allow personnel to monitor industrial areas remotely and maintain the safety of people during night patrols. The robot is equipped with various technologies suitable for autonomous patrol services in industrial site environments.

A thermal camera and a LiDAR radar

The robot has an integrated thermal camera and a 3D LiDAR. It can detect people around it, monitor high temperature situations with its thermal imager and potential fire hazards. It perceives through its LiDAR whether a door is open or closed. The robot can be controlled remotely through a web page that provides a live feed of its movements around the factory, allowing personnel to remotely observe industrial areas.

The robot can detect dangers and send alarms to those responsible through its web page. Its navigation technology allows it to move independently along designated areas within industrial sites. The robot can share real-time photos of on-site situations and an activity log with the control center. In case of emergency, it can trigger an alarm on the control web page. Managers can switch to manual remote operation whenever necessary to take a closer look at important industrial sites.

Robot efficiency evaluated

The Hyundai Group will assess the robot’s efficiency as well as its applicability before expanding its patrol areas and considering further deployment at other industrial sites. Boston Dynamics was definitively bought from Softbank by Hyunday Motor Group in June 2021. As part of the transaction, the mobile robot business was valued at $ 1.1 billion. After the closing, the Hyundai group owns 80% of the shares of Boston Dynamics, and SoftBank retains the remaining 20% ​​through one of its subsidiaries. Kia is a subsidiary of the Hyundai group.

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