A boy is arrested at the AICM for carrying two toy guns in his backpack

The trip to celebrate a child’s birthday had to make a first stop a few meters from the boarding room of the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), after the little boy with his family were detained by the authorities for carrying “suspicious objects” in the minor’s suitcase.

But, what were the objects for which the family had to wait to get on the plane? Nothing more and nothing less than a pistols toy.

And it was easy for the little boy to take two toy weapons on the trip in his backpack decorated with the famous character Mario Bros, so when he passed his luggage through the band located in the security protocol room, the authorities told them that the suitcases were detained because they brought suspicious objects.

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In a video shared on TikTok and entitled “Detained at the AICM for possession of weapons” the minor is observed waiting to be able to take his backpack and continue with his trip, while they take pictures of the toy weapons he was carrying.

In the recording set with the song “Hermano Cayó la Ley” by Los Tigres De Santa Clara, they indicate that in addition to the child’s backpack, the AICM’s security elements opened all the family’s suitcases, since they had to check all the belongings in detail, to ensure that they did not carry any other object that would conflict with the protocols of the place.

The trip to Oaxaca to celebrate the little boy’s 6 years was able to continue after 20 minutes of waiting for the authorities to check the family’s belongings.

In interview with THE UNIVERSALa relative of the minor said that the child kept the toys for which they were arrested in his backpack at the last minute, in addition to some Teddy bearsalthough his mother had only given him permission to take five toys on the trip, so he was surprised that his son was carrying the guns for which they were arrested.

After going through nerves and a slight scare to see more than two security people check his backpack, the little boy and his family managed to board the plane and continue their trip.

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