Sport A boy traces the best goals in history in...

A boy traces the best goals in history in his home garden


In these days of confinement due to the coronavirus, people entertain themselves as best they can. Calls, series, jokes … Anything goes to hang out and videos run from mobile to mobile as if nothing. One of them already has millions of reproductions and has made famous a boy who traces the best goals in football history.

The boy, with the complicity of another kid, imitates the most relevant players in the world of soccer. He plays great goals like Maradona and his famous hand of God, a stun from Cristiano Ronaldo, the heavenly goal from Ronaldinho to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, the Chilean from Rivaldo to Valencia or some hit from David Beckham.

The boy gives himself so much that he even repeats, and quite gracefully, the celebrations of those goals. They are all part of the history of football, so longed for these days. The video was uploaded by Sean O’Hanlon, a retired footballer who boasts of his son’s abilities. .


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