A bridge between creators and fans, the Factory of Ideas

Innovations are being made on the Galtzagorri Association’s website. Thus, at the end of the year, Lore Agirrezabal has put together a new List of Essentials. On the other hand, they have moved forward with the weekly book recommendation project, networking a weekly recommendation for a children’s and youth literature book, as well as disseminating it through social media. The 42nd issue of the magazine has also been published, and the 41st issue of June is already available. In addition, they have created a new project on the website: the Ideas Factory. They want it to be a showcase, an exhibition space, a space to expand and a place to gather.

On the one hand, they have begun to receive the work of Basque researchers and experts. On the other hand, actions are also being taken to promote reading and literary education. They want to create a place where anyone with a curiosity for children’s and young people’s literature in Basque can obtain the results of their research in the field of academia.

“It is also a place where the actions and projects that are launched in the school area will receive an echo and dissemination. After all, this Idea Factory aims to combine content and activity. In fact, we believe that there is a lot to be done and we want to focus on everything that is done. We have started to feed the factory, but it is you, the experts and the skilled, who will really feed us. If you have any research or actions that could be brought to the factory, do not hesitate to contact us, ”they asked.


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