A bubble created within the Capitol

For the very first time since March 12, the legendary Capitol Hall comes back to life. Thanks to its hotel and restaurant, the complex has been able to turn into a real bubble to welcome the ComediHa team! Fest, which captures six comedy galas there until January 22.

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As is the tradition, PA Méthot hosted the first ComediHa gala!  Fest, Thursday.

Photo Stevens LeBlanc

As is the tradition, PA Méthot hosted the first ComediHa gala! Fest, Thursday.

The media had access to rehearsals for the very first gala on Thursday, hosted by PA Méthot. Comedy evenings are broadcast live, virtually, on the new platform ComediHa.TV, before being relayed, later, to ICI Télé.

Since Public Health authorizes television productions and virtual shows, the ComediHa! Fest can hold its six galas, which, under normal circumstances, would have taken place last August. About fifty extras, considered members of the production, will be able to attend the performances.

“We are so happy to be able to do it, drops the content producer, Nicolas Lemay. In December, I couldn’t believe it anymore. And right now, I think people need entertainment more than ever. ”

For the team, the Capitol has become a bubble. About 80 artists, technicians and musicians work on each gala, and the majority sleep on site, to limit contact as much as possible. This is the advantage of having a hotel and a restaurant in the same building as the room.

Every detail counts

The sanitary rules are rigorously respected by the team

Photo Stevens LeBlanc

The sanitary rules are rigorously respected by the team

No detail is taken lightly. Every morning, anyone who wants to leave their room must fill out a form to be allowed to circulate in the Capitol. At the entrance to the room, temperature measurement, new mask and glasses are mandatory.

No one other than members of the production can enter the complex. “Even my husband cannot come nor my agent,” Cathy Gauthier told us during an interview a few days ago.

Inside the room, the cabaret configuration has disappeared to make way for a control room. Even though 80 people are busy behind the scenes, the space is large enough that no one is close to each other. As for the curfew, those who have to return home after a gala are allowed to do so, but must have their travel certificate.

A lady, nicknamed by the team the “COVID police”, strictly monitors compliance with health rules. “There is no foolishness to do with that, underlines PA Méthot. It is a lesser evil. But it’s still a new reality that we are not used to. ”

Back to work

Behind the scenes on Thursday, the Covidian reality was taking up a lot of space. But in the context, everyone seemed happy to be working. “I feel privileged. I feel a nervousness that I did not know before, admitted PA Méthot. It’s new, it’s different. There is something in the air, everyone is feverish. ”

Five musicians play “live” at each gala.

Photo Stevens LeBlanc

Five musicians play “live” at each gala.

“Being here today is all about passion,” he added. This is the first time, I think, that everyone is really here for the right reasons. It’s like we’re at the place where we go to get a sip of water when it’s hot. It has been hot in our area for a long time and it is refreshing. “

Cathy Gauthier hosts a ComediHa Gala! Friday evening, while Fabien Cloutier animates that of Saturday, on ComediHa.TV. Bleu Jeans Bleu, Jean-Michel Anctil and Véronique Claveau as well as Rachid Badouri are playing next week.

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