A bug that the function that can be unlocked with the smart watch “Apple Watch” cannot be used with the new smartphone “iPhone 13” series! Will be supported by software update –S-MAX

There is a problem that “Unlock on Apple Watch” does not work on iPhone 13 series!

On the 26th (local time), Apple announced the latest smartphone (smartphone) “iPhone 13 mini“and”iPhone 13」、「iPhone 13 Pro」、「iPhone 13 Pro MaxIn the smart watch “Apple WatchWe are informing you that it has been found that unlocking using “” may not work.

In addition, the company says that it is expected to be solved by a future software update, and until the software update is released, the iPhone 13 series will turn off the “unlock with Apple Watch” function and unlock it using a passcode. I’m guiding you.

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