A busy start to the school year for a family of 11 children

Do you find the start of the school year trying? Imagine if you had 11 children!

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This is the case of the Lacroix-Baker, a family from Lévis to whom TVA Nouvelles went on Monday morning to see the frenzy present in the family residence.

Nine of the 11 children of the clan are still at home and seven of them go to school.

With such a brat, nothing is left to chance. If several tasks are taken in advance, others are left to the same morning, including the choice of clothes.

“I prefer not to take it out the day before, precisely because of the temperature … But the child can change his mind too!” So, there, what are you doing? Well, there, you put away all the laundry, you take out some more … It slows you down, ”explained the mother of the family, Pascale Baker.

Midday meals, for those who eat at school, are also part of the routine that must be restored. But due to lack of space in the refrigerator, lunches cannot be concocted in advance.

“I have already tried and it does not work,” says Pascale Baker.

Managing school bags is also something to think about.

“I put everything behind each other, in order of magnitude, from oldest to smallest. So, like that, I’m usually not wrong. Things are going well. In any case, it is a proven system! ” proclaims the mother of the family of 11 children

To see the full report, watch the video above.


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