A call to iPhone users.. an application that collects your financial information, so delete it immediately

Experts specializing in digital security have called on all Apple phone users to immediately delete the Google Maps application, after a report sheds light on the amount of personal data the application collects, according to the British newspaper, The Sun.

Google Maps’ privacy profile in the App Store reveals that it can collect things like your financial information, contacts, browsing history, and search history.

Recently, a recent Forbes article titled “Why You Suddenly Need to Delete Google Maps on Your iPhone” compared the privacy comparison labels for “Apple Maps” and “Google Maps.”

The report highlights how Google Maps collects so much data that the data can even be linked to your personal identity. On the other hand, Apple Maps collects less data and does not associate it with the identity of the iPhone user.

According to The Sun, Google relies on ads based on the data it stores and can use the type of information it collects to show you ads you’re likely to be interested in.

“Google Maps is designed to protect your information,” Google told Forbes. “We provide controls to easily manage your settings and use industry-leading technologies like Differential Privacy to keep your data safe.”

“We continue to make Google Maps the best and most accurate way to navigate and explore the world. Providing rich information on local businesses, best-in-class search and navigation, and helpful features like COVID-19 and live engagement information.”

Apple can cover the cost of its maps with money from hardware sales, while Google needs ads to help it run its maps.

Some people prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps, although the latter has grown in popularity since its launch in 2012.

Google Maps includes an incognito mode option if you want to prevent Google from collecting said data. However, it limits some functionality of the application.

Apple is said to be introducing new map features with its iOS 15 update. However, the company says, “Apple is committed to building the best map in the world, and iOS 15 takes Maps even further with entirely new ways to navigate and explore. Users will experience significantly improved detail in cities for neighborhoods and business districts, elevations and buildings, new road colors, and designed labels and landmarks.” Especially the new night mode with moonlight glow. This is a completely new way of looking at the world through maps.”

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