A canceled Bucks trade, incredible reversal!

While the Bucks had shaken the market recently with two big reinforcements, now a deal has simply fallen through the cracks! A huge blow for Milwaukee and a certain Giannis Antetokounmpo.

By December 21, Giannis Antetokounmpo must extend his contract with the Bucks. Given the recent moves made by the franchise, we thought the Greek Freak would easily do it, and thus delight the entire Wisconsin region. Unfortunately for Milwaukee, very bad news has hit this team.

Earlier in the week, the Bucks turned the market upside down by recruiting Jrue Holiday, then Bogdan Bogdanovic in stride. Two big shots from Milwaukee, finally at the start. The reality is quite different, since the deal with the second one is… canceled!

Indeed, Bogdanovic was to land via sign-and-trade. He was to extend his contract with the Kings, then be sent to Milwaukee behind. The problem ? He never gave his consent to Sacramento. Result, and according to Adrian Wojnarowski, he decided to test the free agency this Friday.

Kings winger Bogdan Bogdanovic is planning to join free agency as a restricted free agent.

Bucks and Kings tried to save the deal and find a financial deal with the Serbian, but the Serbian refused. He wants to keep his options open and sign the offer of his choice: this can clearly be seen as a refusal to play for Milwaukee, at least for now.

No Bogdan Bogdanovic at the Bucks after all, and an incredible scenario instead. A huge blow for Milwaukee …

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