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A case of the Omicron variant confirmed in Geneva in a traveler

In Geneva, a person returning from a trip from South Africa ten days ago is a carrier of the new Omicron variant. This is the first case in French-speaking Switzerland: it is one of the three cases of infection confirmed on Wednesday by the FOPH.

Showing symptoms, the traveler underwent a PCR test on November 24, and the positive result was known the next day, the Geneva Council of State told media on Wednesday. This patient was placed in isolation, as was a person who was traveling with her and whose PCR test is also positive.

The sequencing of the first sample confirmed the presence of Omicron overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday. ‘The presence of the new variant of the coronavirus is highly probable in the second person, but its sample was insufficient to perform sequencing,’ said cantonal doctor Aglaé Tardin.

These two travelers are not vaccinated. An in-depth investigation of the entourage was carried out by the general directorate of health. No close contacts requiring quarantine were identified.



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