world A Catalan among the heroes of the London attack

A Catalan among the heroes of the London attack


The exconvict Usman Khan chose the heart of London to carry out his terrorist attack. The area was packed at the time of the attack at noon, and this allowed the incident to be captured by hundreds of mobiles and witnessed by countless witnesses. And some, more than witnesses were heroes, since they managed to reduce and disarm the terrorist before he was shot down by the police.

In a video recorded with a mobile and broadcast by British television, you see a man on the ground struggling with two people dressed in civilian clothes. One of them, with a coat and tie, habitual clothing of the office workers in the area, walks away carrying a large knife in his hand, which would be the weapon of crime. In one of the videos, this man is heard speaking in Catalan and asking people to leave the place. "Tireu enrere," he says.

After the arrival of the police, another man, who was fighting on the ground with the suspect is removed by heavily armed agents. Finally, one of them fires twice at close range against the alleged aggressor.

A polish chef

The Catalan was not the only hero of the day. The chef of the Fismongers’all building where the Cambridge University seminar was held and the attack took place, He faced the aggressor armed with a narwhal horn, a aquatic animal similar to a beluga. The chef identified with the name of Luckasz is of Polish origin and pursued the attacker with the horn to the bridge, while another of those present did so with a fire extinguisher, with which he repeatedly sprayed Usman Khan. According to one of his colleagues, Luckasz suffered several cuts, but is not in serious condition.

Another person who helped disarm the attacker was Thomas Gray, 24, who had just had lunch with a friend in the Borough market. Both are guides that show tourists the city aboard a classic mini Coopers. Gray, he said mimso, stepped on the aggressor's hand and he and his colleague forced him to drop the knives they carried.

It was then that the Catalan, identified in the British press as 'the man in suit and tie', ran out with a large knife in his hand, while presumably asking his family and the rest of the pedestrians, to move away .

Tributes to the value

In a message, Queen Elizabeth II He has given his "deepest thanks" to the police for emergency services and "to the brave individuals who risked their lives without any selfishness to help and protect others."

That recognition has been joined by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who said: "They are the best of us all."

It is not the first time anonymous citizens face a terrorist in London. In 2017, in the same place, on the bridge in London the Spaniard Ignacio Echeverría faced three terrorists who were stabbing people with his skateboard. He paid with his life that heroic gesture because he was stabbed to death. The London police decorated him posthumously with the High commendation, the highest distinction of the body.

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  1. Could have been Catalan, Valencian, or Balearic, all languages/dialects spoken in Spain. Labelling “the man in a suit” Spanish, would be a safer assumption


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