A cat’s birthday party left 15 humans infected on the central coast

He Valparaíso Health Department, Francisco Álvarez, announced an unusual episode that occurred in the commune of Santo Domingo, where a group of 15 people became infected with coronavirus by attending a cat’s birthday party.

“It’s incredible, but a group of people was celebrating the cat’s birthday … (The celebration) ended in 15 infected”, Álvarez told The second.

It was not the only curiosity that the seremi dusted off: as revealed, in the Valparaíso Region they have been detected clandestine parties of 100, 200 and up to 300 people in which two tickets are charged: one to participate in the event itself and, the other, to raise money and jointly pay the subsequent fine for the health offense.

But not all people who break the rules have been caught at parties: there are family groups of five people who have traveled from another region, all with time to the same doctor in the zone.

There was also a three-year-old boy with collective work permit, and a family that arrived in Valparaíso with basic supplies for an older adult who lived in another region, and a truck transporting people hidden in its cargo section, among other strange and questionable situations.


Francisco Álvarez expressed unease in the face of these kinds of events, giving as an example his own experience as a victim of the epidemic: “I spent more than 20 days in the ICU, more than 10 days connected to a mechanical ventilator and six weeks trying to recover… I know it is very different to live it, but irresponsibility does not stop me from giving impotence “, said the seremi, who during his hospitalization lost 13 kilos and suffered a muscular atrophy in his face that prevented him from smiling.


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